I use Google’s Chrome browser because it’s by far the fastest and most secure browser out there. It’s also got a very simple UI that makes it easy to use. I just found an extension for it called Word This. It’s pretty cool in that you just click it, and it pops out a little window with the title of the current webpage linked in the content area. One of my frustrations with this P2 theme, is that I can’t add links to text when posting from the home page, like I am now. I can only paste the link in, as you can see I did for Word This, above.

As you can see in the screenshot, it automatically adds the title of the current page in the body of the post, and makes it a link to that page. Plus it has some of the features of the full WordPress post interface. Unfortunately Word This has some kind of problem when I tried to use it for the Word This Chrome extension page I linked to above. Other than that it seems to work great though, and makes it even quicker to post helpful sites and tools I find online, to this blog.

[UPDATE Jan 18, 2011] I’ve since stopped using this, since if you click outside it, everything you put in there disappears. Plus, it kinda defeats the purpose of P2’s dead-simple posting. I started spending way longer on posts when I had all those options. Plus I found I can just type a little html if I really need a link to be surrounding text and not just the naked URL.

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